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Flexi Steel Builder

Imagine if your current software provider granted you 3 wishes! How good would that be? Change a design? Add some features? Change Suppliers? New layouts and formats? User defined engineering? Better Pricing & Support?


Now imagine your new software development company granted your every design wish?


Well, Welcome to Flexi Steel Builder!

The most innovative and powerful design and quote software system available on the market today. Sheds, Garages, Barns, Industrial Buildings or any other steel building designed and costed at your finger tips. Cee Section, RHS, Opened Webbed, Stud Frame, Structural UB Frames you name it and we can offer you all the options.

Smart technology references your engineering and pricing to design and quote any building in your range. It will consider terrain and wind rating factors and produce almost any document in any format - Instant and Accurate! Custom designed quote pages, sales presentation drawings, engineer ready drawings and certificates, cut and punch lists, supplier order forms all available in your Flexi Steel Builder software.

Even limit access to certain parts of the software. Using the sales version you can restrict access to pricing, markups and reports. Interface your software with your accounting package and easily produce invoices and financial reports. Produce a building pack to give to your builders - full cad style drawings showing bay spacings, purlin and girt positions, footing details. You can even incorporate your Workplace Health and Safety documents.

The options really are endless but more importantly, they are accurate and simple to use.

Why not put together your wish list and email it through or give us a callfor more information.


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